What to Do When You Have a Panic Attack

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When you have a panic attack, do you know what to do? Or do you just suffer the attack and wait for it to pass?

Not knowing what to do makes the attack much worse. It adds uncertainty and a feeling of helplessness to an already horrible situation, often increasing the severity of the attack and causing it to last longer.

But there are things you can do when you have a panic attack. Simple things. Things that make the attack less severe. Things that make it stop altogether.

By knowing in advance what you need to do when you have a panic attack, it’ll mean the next time an attack strikes you won’t have to think (it’s hard to think when you’re panicking). Instead, you can just act.

In this post, I’ll share the 3 most important things you need to do anytime you have a panic attack. Let me talk you through these 3 things one at a time.

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The Bad Habits That Cause Your Panic Attacks

I’ve realised that almost all severe anxiety starts out small and then gradually builds up until it’s unbearable or until it causes a panic attack.

But there’s a way to stop that original small anxiety while it’s still small, and when you can do that it never has to become unbearable and it never has to cause panic attacks.

I’m going to show how to stop your anxiety while it’s still small by using a technique that interrupts some bad habits you’ve developed that are causing a lot of your anxiety.

When you learn this technique and you use it regularly, you’ll find that you have the power to control your anxiety well enough that it never has to get out of hand or lead to severe anxiety or panic attacks.

The technique is simple and it’s all about getting you to stop the small, physical habits you automatically perform when you’re anxious. These habits cause the small anxiety to become big anxiety, so when you know how to stop these habits, you’ll also know how to stop the anxiety getting out of hand.

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